Sale Items from Laurie Rudling

When I make new work the etchings are often produced in series of usually four prints and then released together through exhibitions and commercial galleries.

Inevitably some of the series sell more quickly and two or three of the images sell out first leaving one or two without their "companions" as it were. As a result of this I find the "bin ends" of several editions in the studio which I canít supply to the usual outlets.

This section at times may also include some very old pieces from my "pre-commercial" days with which Iím still pleased, and finally experimental pieces, monoprints and other "one offs".

The sizes are given in inches, height first. To give a clear idea of the size you will see framed "on the wall" the measurements include the mount in which the print will be mailed to you. The mounts are proportionate to the plate size;11"x13" images have a surround of 2-21/2" larger ones up to 3-4".

"Edition" (ed) size shows how many of the "regular" images exist and "artist proofs" (A/ps) how many other experimental variants, early state proofs and other such exotica I may have made from the plate.

"Availability" shows how many of the edition I have left for sale. This can rapidly diminish with some editions as I also supply several commercial galleries around England. If it seems that the image has sold out it may be worthwhile pursuing the various gallery links on the site to see if they still have the print you are interested in.

Prints from this page may be sent unmounted either flat or rolled for the larger sizes to keep cost for this section to a minimum. Packing and mailing to UK addresses by Royal Mail Special Delivery or Parcelforce as appropriate costs £5.00 regardless of the number of prints required.

Please Note: Any multiple purchases (2 or more) will initially have to pay the £5.00 on each print but I will immediately refund the 'extra' charges so that you will only pay one P&P regardless of how many prints you buy.

Available Work